In layman’s terms, pain is the process in which your body informs your brain that something is wrong. Your brain then registers this by feeling pain. Acute pain, breakthrough pain, bone pain, nerve pain… There are many, many types of pain, and chronic pain might be the most psychologically devastating of them all.

What is Chronic Pain?

Officially, chronic pain is a pain that continues for over three months, regardless of medication or physical therapy. Unlike the short-lived cases of acute pain or breakthrough pain, chronic pain is the result of the brain continuing to send out pain signals, sometimes as long as several years. Although we cannot identify exactly when or why pain will turn chronic, research suggests that we are most susceptible to it when we are going through times of stress. In some cases, the pain is the result of nerve damage. In other cases, it is due to an underlying condition or disease. And in other cases still, it is unclear why the pain remains even after the injury has been treated.

Being so connected to the brain can result in chronic pain taking on a life of its own, one that is mysterious and evasive in its nature. The only question that remains, therefore, is how to treat it.

Unsurprisingly, painkillers are the most direct method of dealing with pain. Over-the-counter medicines can address it to a certain point, but in extreme cases, these will not be enough. When pills fail, medical procedures can be undertaken to address the perceived root cause of the issue. This can involve anything from the relatively common acupuncture to more invasive methods, such as injections into your nerves or even surgery.

Have You Tried QTECH Bands?

If you’ve had enough of traditional pain relief there are alternative options. Our QTECH bands endeavor to effectively place themselves between the brain and the pain, disrupting the pain signals as they transmit along your group C nerve fibers. Using a rare form of pure shocked supa-quartz crystal powder, the silicone strip actively absorbs the quantum energies that your pain impulses produce. Your body will continue to generate useless pain from its healed injury, but it will no longer reach your brain. Your pain will be silenced, without you having to struggle with surgery or any known side effects.