The Price of Persistent Pain

Managing persistent pain often comes at a cost, both emotionally and financially.

Whilst it rarely indicates a serious injury, persistent pain can still be destructive to your life; affecting your ability to work, socialise and exercise.

At QTECH, our goal is to take away the emotional and financial cost of pain management by offering sufferers a non-addictive, wearable and affordable alternative.

The Emotional Impact

Chronic pain can often prevent you from carrying out everyday activities that many others take for granted, such as spending time with your family, getting involved in your favourite recreational activities, and even sleeping.

Unsurprisingly, this loss of freedom and inability to revitalise can have a massive impact on your mental health.

According to a recent study into the effects of chronic pain across Europe, persistent pain is consistently linked with an increased risk of anxiety and depression. Being forced to stop doing what you love often leads to a lack of motivation, and the fear of making your pain worse can force you to isolate further, creating a vicious cycle.  

The Financial Impact

Not only can chronic pain interfere with your happiness and motivation outside of work, but it can also directly affect your ability to work.

Across Europe, almost one in five surveyed patients with chronic pain reported having lost their job because of their pain, and one third reported that the hours they work, or whether they work at all, is affected by their pain.

This potential loss of income can be made worse when you look at the cost of pain relief. Regardless of whether you choose to treat your chronic pain with pills and supplements, gels and sprays, physical supports and therapy, or even surgery, the amount you pay out on an annual basis can be staggering.

This reliance on costly treatments only adds to the worry and stress caused by the pain itself.

The Solution

As chronic pain can be felt almost anywhere within the body and to varying degrees, many sufferers spend a lot of time and money trying various ‘solutions’ that simply do not work for them.

At QTECH®, we’ve developed a range of bands and braces that give chronic pain sufferers like yourself a drug-free, highly effective and long-lasting alternative solution to pain management.

And with just one up-front cost and no recurring costs, this wearable technology takes away the financial burden that comes with repeat prescriptions and treatments, helping you to regain your freedom without breaking the bank.


ItemRecurring CostPotential Annual CostOne Off Cost
Prescription & OTC drug£2 – £9 per item£12 – £54 per medicationN/A
Pain relief machines£50 – £100£50 – £100£50 – £100
Support & braces£10 – £50£100 – £200N/A
Effective supplements£20 -£100£72 – £400N/A
Therapies£95 – £150£380 – £600N/A
Surgery – private£2,500 – £15,000£2,500 – £15,000£2,500 – £15,000
QTECH®£0£49.99 – £99.99£49.99 – £99.99