The Price of Persistent Pain


Managing persistent pain comes at a cost. Both emotionally and financially.

Giving up doing the things you love doing, having to stop or reduce work and even struggling to just do every day stuff can be depressing and distressing.

And, of course, there’s the real worry of potential addiction to some of the strongest painkillers.


Then of course is the actual potential monetary cost.

On top of potential loss of income, the actual cost of pills, capsules, machines, gels, sprays, physical supports, supplements, therapies, private specialists and even surgery can soon mount up to eyewatering sums.

And to make matters even worse, many of the costs recur regularly. Sometimes for years and years.


Taking all of this into account, the potential of a wearable, drug-free, effective and long-lasting device that helps to manage persistent pain becomes a highly attractive alternative.

With 9 out of 10 users reporting a marked reduction or even elimination of their persistent pain, a QTECH® device, and its long-lasting Super-Quartz (along with a three year guarantee) definitely has to be worth a try.

It all adds up to a one-off investment cost starting at £49.99, for a QTECH® Rotate Band, surely being the least painful solution all round.


Item Recurring Cost Potential Annual Cost One Off Cost
Prescription & OTC drug £2 – £9 per item £12 – £54 per medication N/A
Pain relief machines £50 – £100 £50 – £100 £50 – £100
Support & braces £10 – £50 £100 – £200 N/A
Effective supplements £20 -£100 £72 – £400 N/A
Therapies £95 – £150 £380 – £600 N/A
Surgery – private £2,500 – £15,000 £2,500 – £15,000 £2,500 – £15,000
QTECH® £0 £49.99 – £99.99 £49.99 – £99.99