For thousands of years, we have researched methods of pain relief, first using natural remedies and eventually veering into chemicals and lab creations. Morphine, pure alcohol, codeine, methadone, Percocet – the list goes on.

As a society, we have the goal of eliminating pain at any cost; however, that cost might be steep.

1. Addiction

A type of pain-relieving drug that can originate from a poppy plant or a laboratory, opioids are among the most deadly substances in the world. Even when taken exactly as prescribed, they have an extremely high risk of addiction due to their fast-acting ability to provide pleasure and relief. Dependencies can form quickly, as your brain’s chemistry alters to require higher doses for the same results. Even after getting ‘clean,’ there remains a high risk of relapse and overdose.

2. Expense

When experiencing severe physical pain, few people wish to resort to using cheap pain medications. That said, it is also a tragedy to bankrupt yourself for the sake of alleviating pain. This might not impact people who only require the occasional headache medication, but sufferers of chronic pain will potentially face a lifetime of cost-cutting for the sake of their own sanity. Worldwide, the sales of prescription drugs are predicted to reach $1.2 trillion within the next four years. This is a multi-trillion dollar industry that is built off of people’s pain.

3. Health problems

On top of the chronic pain already experienced, people who take painkillers might face further health issues down the line. A greater risk of heart problems, four times as many fractures, a greater risk of being hospitalised for a drug event, nausea, lethargy, depression, weight gain and other side effects are common in those who regularly take pain killers.

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