I’m 76 and still running my own company where I arrive at the office by 7.30am each day. I have both tennis and housemaids elbow in my right arm and although I am more or less over both, I have to be constantly careful as my arm is now weak and It’s frequently painful when I do things without thinking. Whilst on holiday in Tenerife I came across the Daily Mail article on QTECH and purchased both the elbow and wrist bands via my phone that day. I was very interested and ready to accept the science of the detailed write up.

Since wearing QTECH products the sensation of pain has definitely been reduced – of course, it may just be the confidence that is ensuring the product is effective. I use the wrist band to counter arthritis at the base of my right thumb and a few finger joints and have noticed a significant reduction in the level of pain. The wrist band is permanently on show and no-one comments after I told them what it is and does. I’m not doing anything I didn’t do before, but I get a lot fewer reminders that I have these mechanical issues – and that underlines the value of QTECH to me! I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Incidentally, I also have neck trouble, stemming from when I used to write for a windsurfing magazine so at night, I use the wrist band around my neck and that eases the pain too.

QTECH Testimonial - Malcolm



An incredible and immediate impact – getting me back on court within minutes after suffering with tennis elbow.

Within 10 minutes the pain had changed – it became a dull ache rather than a stabbing pain. I played the match – I didn’t win but certainly played better. After an hour the pain had disappeared.

Added the fun back into tennis and took away the pain.

The product is easy to use and wear and I after recommending it my wife is now also wearing a QTECH Swing Band.


My consistent wrist pain was stopping me from playing tennis, lifting heavy items and gave me a disturbed sleep. The pain has been persistent for years and was only getting worse.  

The QTECH Swing band has allowed me to enjoy playing tennis and everyday activities again.

The band has been remarkable. It changed my experience from sceptical to very interested.

I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers with wrist pain.

Michael - QTECH

Trial Testimonials

> Aldona

Knee Band Trial

My knee pain was hardly noticeable today, no pain even on climbing the stairs. No pain at all! 

Shoulder Band Trial

Had band on all evening no pain in shoulder and wore band overnight, no pain.
I did play tennis twice in the week on two days in a row and didn’t have too much pain. It’s the first week in months that I’ve been able play tennis twice in a week.

> Irna

Within 24 hours I felt a difference and within 48 hours I had barely any pain at all. By day 5  – No pain at all.
The pain [in my right ankle] is gone completely and I started to feel the difference in my left ankle – it hurt less.
I enjoyed longer walks, dance classes were more pleasant, and I could do more at my Yoga practice
The device made a huge difference to my daily routine. I woke up more rested and more energetic. I enjoyed my activities rather than feeling a struggle with every step.
On the walk I noticed significant improvement in my ankle. Did about 4 miles walk and came home with hardly any pain.