Are you suffering with chronic pain when playing your favourite sport?

We have the natural pain relief solution for you with proven results.

Sport Pain Relief Technology

QTECH helps to deliver the ultimate targeted pain relief for sports players. Unlike regular magnetic therapy bracelets, these bands are designed for your active lifestyle.

The QTECH bands contain a silicone stripe embedded with a rare type of supa-quartz. This is designed to absorb the energies produced by your pain impulses, disrupting the signals from reaching your brain. It helps to prevent you from feeling pain instantly without any side effects.

Take advantage of your competition with this simple “off switch” for your pain. It’s as simple as slipping on the band and off you go.

90% of users reported successful relief of pain.

Deliver your best performance with the QTECH pain relief bands.

QTECH® Products

Handmade in Britain, QTECH® bands are tested to help deliver relief at the site of your pain

90% of users reported successful relief of pain

QTECH Rotate Band

QTECH® Rotate Wrist/Ankle Band


QTECH Swing Band

QTECH® Swing Elbow Band


Knee wearing black kneeband

QTECH® Power Knee Band


Don’t believe us? Hear what our customers have to say

An incredible and immediate impact – getting me back on court within minutes after suffering with tennis elbow. . Added the fun back into tennis and took away the pain…



The QTECH Rotate band has allowed me to enjoy playing tennis and everyday activities again. The band has been remarkable. It changed my experience from sceptical to very interested…

Michael - QTECH


I got the QTech band and strapped it, after half an hour it was already starting to ease the pain, so much so I decided to sleep with it strapped to my knee…

A hand with white wristband


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