QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches

QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches


Targeted Pain Relief Technology

  • Harnesses piezoelectric energy to reduce pain signals to your brain
  • Works within minutes – many users report reduced pain after only 20 minutes of wearing
  • 90% of users reported significant improvement in pain
  • Includes 4 reusable patches and 30 single-use plasters


These patches are small, but mighty. Relieve pain in as little as 20 minutes

The QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches can be placed almost anywhere on your body, allowing you target the most painful areas for efficient pain-relief.

These are our bestsellers and it’s easy to see why: 

  • Re-use them again and again
  • Position them on almost any part of the body
  • Pain-relief effects can be felt within 20 minutes.

Back Patch

How does QTECH® Patch work?

Like our popular QTECH® Ankle / Wrist / Neck Bands, these pain-relief patches utilise the power of piezoelectricity.

The patches naturally release tiny electric impulses which interfere with the pain signals going to the brain. As a result, the feeling of pain is reduced.

How to use

Place the patch against the painful area and secure it in place with the self-adhesive plaster dressing included in the kit.

The low allergy plasters are made of a flexible, cushioned fabric that is breathable and conforms well to the body. Once applied to the skin, the dressing and patch remain comfortably intact until it is ready to be removed with ease.

To clean: Wipe it with a damp cloth after use and reuse again and again.

Who can use QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches?

QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches can be placed almost anywhere on the body and are best for:

  • Upper back muscular pain

  • Lower back muscular pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Shoulder pain (rotator cuff tendonitis)

  • Muscular pain in your knees and legs

Thanks to its versatility and reusability, the QTECH® Patch is ideal for those who suffer from ongoing pain in various parts of the body. Position the patches where you need it most and easily re-position throughout the day, or week.

Customers report improved pain-relief, better mobility and comfort, and even improved sleep.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what one of our customers had to say about their revolutionary QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patch:

“At 70 years and suffering arthritis and fibromyalgia, pain is a constant with myself which, sadly, assorted pharmaceuticals cannot overcome. Particular concern was the constant pain in my left shoulder as this would be so severe as to repeatedly wake me during the night and then keep me awake for long periods. Applying one of your patches on my tricep just below the joint has resulted in disappearance of the pain and removal of that as a cause for me waking.”

– Roger Richards

Why our customers love QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches

  • Targeted relief: Use the plasters to place the patches anywhere on your body

  • Safe for skin: Plasters are suitable for those with sensitive skin and easily applied and removed

  • Effective: The patches are designed to help block pain signals to the brain

  • Portable: Place them in your bag for when you need them most, and easily take them with you on holiday

  • No injections. No sprays. No surgery. No batteries.

Your QTECH® Targeted Pain-Relief Patches include:

  • 4 reusable piezoelectricity patches

  • 30 single-use, sterile adhesive dressing plasters

  • Instruction sheet

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