QTECH® Swing Band

QTECH® Swing Band


Get Near Instant Pain Relief For Your Elbow With The QTECH® Swing Band

  • The only quartz technology that is designed to absorb energy for targeted pain relief in the elbow
  • 90% of users reported successful relief of pain
  • Demonstrated to help provide drug-free pain relief within hours using supa-quartz technology
  • Handmade in Yorkshire, Britain to ensure you get a wrist band of highest quality
  • Class 1 Medical Device with CE Mark

Size – 70mm long by 53mm wide



Has persistent elbow pain interfered with your daily life and prevents you from enjoying activities you used to take for granted?

Where simple activities now bring excruciating or persistent pain? Where you can’t remember the last time you spent a day without an aching elbow?

So, were you a keen tennis player or golfer and you had to say goodbye to that life? Or you had to give up gardening? Perhaps you can’t even bake or walk the dog without suffering the misery of nagging pain?

Young and old, big or small, elbow pain can affect us all. But, what do you do when the pain becomes unbearable, and you’re afraid of getting addicted to high-dose painkillers? Or waste time with over-the-counter stuff that simply doesn’t work?

There is good news. There is a lasting answer to your pains.

QTECH® could get you back into the activities you love, with no surgery or known side effects.

It’s time to get the QTECH® Swing Band. Help reclaim your freedom and get back to the activities you enjoy the most.

QTECH® products are based on supa-quartz technology that is designed to absorb quantum energies produced by pain impulses. The result? Helping you feel pain-free.

Unlike what’s marketed as magnetic tennis elbow bands, QTECH® is a remarkable breakthrough in natural, targeted pain relief therapy for helping musculoskeletal pain.

When placed directly onto the skin, the band help improves well-being by reducing the feeling of local pain, and headache due to muscular tension or other causes.

Active people of all ages report remarkable results, even within the first hour of wearing their QTECH® Elbow Band. In fact, ninety percent* of those who’ve tried QTECH® Quantum Bioscience Technology have seen a reduction in the amount of pain they experience.

QTECH Swing Band

QTECH® Benefits

  • It helps to deliver pain relief without drugs and can be used with other medication

  • Designed to help offer targeted pain relief for the elbow with no known side effects

  • QTECH® uses hypoallergenic material that’s lightweight and suitable for an active lifestyle

Why is QTECH® right for you?

Because you’re tired of suffering from pain with no relief in sight

Because you want an answer that fits your active lifestyle and delivers results

Because you want a comfortable solution without worrying about damaging the product

Because you just want pain relief that lasts – without the negative side-effects

What’s included with your QTECH® Elbow Band Purchase

  • The elbow sleeve and fully adjustable quantum support strap is adjustable for you elbow size – available in two sizes

  • The robust and stylish storage box to neatly keep all your QTECH® elements together

  • A comprehensive guide on how to get the very best from your QTECH® device.

QTECH Swing Band - Tennis Elbow

Plus, You’re Protected with our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This product has the potential to change your life. That’s not hype – it’s based on proven results. We’re confident in the quality of our product and the pain relief support waiting for you with our supa-quartz elbow band.

We have a strong track record of pain relief with our elbow bands – 9/10 users. So, take advantage of the QTECH® unbeatable 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. And if you’re not satisfied with your pain relief experience? Simply return the band in the first 30 days to claim your full refund.

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