QTECH® Patch

QTECH® Patch


Targeted Pain Relief Technology

  • Supa-quartz technology designed to help with pain relief
  • Flexibility to relieve pain anywhere on the body in as little as hours
  • 90% of users reported successful relief of pain
  • 4 patches and 30 plasters to secure in place
  • Handmade in Yorkshire, England

30-day guarantee does not include this project due to sanitation and hygiene reasons. 


Do you need instant pain relief without the side effects?

QTECH® Patch gives you the flexibility to provide near-instant pain relief anywhere on the body.

Like our popular QTECH® Bands, these patches utilise the power of supa-quartz, which absorb quantum energies produced by pain impulses. By preventing these pain impulses from reaching the brain, the QTECH® patch improves well-being by reducing the feeling of local pain and headaches.

Simply place the patch to the pain site and secure it in place with the large adhesive plaster dressing included in the kit.

This low allergy dressing is made of a flexible, cushioned fabric that is breathable and conforms well to the body. Once applied to the skin, the dressing and patch remain comfortably intact until it is ready to be removed with ease, meaning you can take back control of your life without the worry of persistent pain.

What’s more, QTECH® Patch has a lifetime wear; simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth after use and reuse again and again.

Have you forgotten what it feels like to be pain free? Regain your freedom with QTECH® Patch.

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The Benefits of a QTECH® Patch

  • Flexibly allows you to place the patch anywhere on your body for maximum pain relief support

  • Sterile and low allergy material for no skin irritation

  • Designed to help absorb energy to support pain relief

Here’s what you get in your QTECH® Patch Box

  • 4 supa-quartz patches
  • 30 adhesive dressing plasters
  • FAQ and instruction documentation

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