Enjoy pain relief support in a stylish and elegant QTECH® Necklace

  • Supa-quartz technology designed to help with pain relief by absorbing energy
  • Shown to relieve pain in hours
  • 90% of users reported successful relief of pain
  • Handmade in Yorkshire, England for comfort and elegance
  • Class 1 Medical Device with CE Mark

If you require a larger band we can offer a bespoke service for an extra £5. Once order is placed, please email us with your measurements for bespoke size – sales@qtechscience.com.

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Is chronic pain making it difficult for you to enjoy life?

Neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines, stiff neck, pinched nerves, inflammation, migraines, spinal pains. The list of painful discomforts that affect us can seem endless and have serious effects on our lives. Plus, it challenging living with persistent pain.

Pain limits everything. No more walks with the dog because the headache just won’t go away. No more golf and tennis because you can’t play through the pain. Not even the soothing balance of working in your garden is yours to enjoy any more.

But, you can get back to these tasks and more with a QTECH® Flex. Our necklaces are designed to be:

… Supportive in helping you control your pain for a better life

… So comfortable you may even forget that you have it on

… Natural, non-invasive relief to enhance the overall quality of your life

… Durable and fashionable so that you can wear it no matter what you’re doing?

Bad Neck Pain

You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you have control over your body again. Let’s stop your chronic pain in its tracks with the better magnetic therapy necklace for your active lifestyle. 

QTECH® Revolutionary “Pain Relief” Necklaces Helps you get on with life

Most magnetic therapy necklaces aren’t designed to work the way QTECH’s proprietary design does. They are flashy designs without the substance needed to help with pain relief. They don’t use the type of technology and systems that make QTECH® so much more valuable to at least 90% of our users.

  • Designed for comfort with supa-quartz

Enjoy true comfort when the pain becomes a distant memory. It’s the choice for people who don’t want to worry about damaging their magnetic therapy necklace because they lead an active lifestyle.

  • The Technology behind QTECH®

QTECH® products like our necklaces are made using supa-quartz. With this compound, the necklace is designed to absorb the energies that your pain impulses release, which causes you to feel the persistent pain.

When placed directly onto the skin, the band help improves well-being by reducing the feeling of local pain, and headache due to muscular tension or other causes.

The Benefits of a QTECH® Pain Relief Support Necklace

It’s time to find out what relief is possible and how our gorgeous necklace can make a difference. We’ve designed our lifestyle devices to resemble jewellery while supporting pain management.

  • Stylish design means no inquiring questions about your pain support necklace

  • Hypoallergenic material for no skin irritation

  • Designed to help absorb energy to support pain relief

Here’s what you get in your QTECH® Flex Package

  • A stylish, strong, yet lightweight necklace you can wear as an accessory to any outfit
  • A detailed guide on how you can use your necklace to support pain relief
  • A neat little storage case to keep your necklace safe when you’re not wearing it

woman trying to relieved her neck pain using ice packs

Your Happiness Guarantee – 30 Days Guarantee Period

Your happiness is important to us. For you to be happy, you need to get back to the lifestyle that you enjoy the most, and we want to help you get there. So, that’s why we stand by our product and offer you our 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the way it works or how it helps with your pain-relief efforts within the first few days, then we’re not happy either. Send it back to us within 30 days and receive a full refund.

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This is the stylish lifestyle support product you need when you want to say goodbye to chronic pain.
Order your QTECH® Flex today.