QTECH® Brace Band

QTECH® Brace Band


Start enjoying life with near-instant pain relief with QTECH® Brace Back Band

  • Designed to help absorb energy for back pain relief using supa-quartz technology
  • Users report back pain relief in as little as hours
  • Evidence-based trials show a 90% success rate in pain relief
  • High-quality back band handmade in Yorkshire, Britain
  • Class 1 Medical Device with CE Mark

Large band goes up to a 44″ inch waist size. If you require a larger band we can offer a bespoke service for an extra £20. Once order is placed, please email us with your measurements for bespoke size – sales@qtechscience.com.

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Does persistent back pain make it difficult to do even the simple things in life, like standing up?

You normally have an active lifestyle, but your consistent back strain has put a damper on that. You now rely on sometimes ineffective painkillers, and the back rubs don’t seem to do the trick. Or if they work, the effect wears off in hours.

So, you’re left in pain and can only long for the days when you could jump out of bed, lift a small item, go for a jog, or play golf or tennis with a friend.

But what if you could change the game in your favour? Wouldn’t you rather wear a pain relief back band that was:

… Designed to help absorb those pain impulses quickly

… Handcrafted for support and comfort

… Low maintenance and fits even under clothing

man wearing a brace back band for back pain relief

This is the back band that you wish the others you tried were like from the start.

Say goodbye to chronic back pain with almost instant pain relief. No creams, gels, rubs, surgeries, or side effects welcome.

The Revolutionary QTECH® Back Band – Supporting Back Pain Relief with Supa-Quartz

Upper back pain and lower back pain can dampen anybody’s day. It makes simple things like standing, lifting, or even walking difficult. But when you live with chronic back pain, it certainly helps to have even a little relief.

But, it can be difficult to make a choice when you’re searching for the best back pain relief products. With the many claims and items out there, you’re not even sure where to start or what to believe.

We’re not here to say we are the best back-pain relief band out there. But we certainly are amongst the best when it comes to lifestyle support products that make it easier to control pain and get back to doing the things you love. Embrace the supa-quartz QTECH® back band and see how quickly you can get back to your active life.

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The Benefits of a QTECH® Brace Back Band

We don’t believe in uncomfortable products that restrict movement when you just want to get back to the life you love. Instead, you’ll be moving about freely and in comfort because this back band is designed to support the relief that you’re looking for.

  • Provides comfort, warmth, and supports pain relief for backaches

  • No known side-effects or interactions with other pain support items

  • Can be worn below or above your clothing for the most comfortable fit

  • Perfectly designed for your active lifestyle

What’s Included in your QTECH® Brace Back Band package

  • A durable and lightweight back band designed for back support

  • The complete guide on using your QTECH® back brace for maximum impact

  • A durable little storage box to store your back band when you’re at home

The Lifestyle Guarantee

We guarantee every lifestyle band we make. That’s why QTECH® bands are designed to fit in with your lifestyle, no matter how active you are daily.

So, try our back band for 30 days – risk-free. If you have a problem and we can’t solve it, then we will refund it, no questions asked. If you’re not happy with the lifestyle adjustments it helps you to make, just resend the back band with the original packaging.

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It’s time to enjoy life again. Say goodbye to back pain and hello lifestyle change.
Order your QTECH® Back Band today.

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Regular (up to 38"), Large (38" +), Bespoke Measurement +£20