The brain is an incredibly complex and technical organ, one that controls every bodily function. Our brain influences everything from our heartbeat to our eyesight, but they are also responsible for our ability to feel pain and pain relief.

The relationship between the brain and pain

One of the chief functions of the brain is controlling the bodies reaction to painful situations through something called the somatosensory system, which it uses to understand the sensations our bodies feel. Once our bodies experience a painful stimulus, such as touching something hot, the pain receptors, or the free-nerve ending receptors, in the skin send a message through the nociceptors in the spinal cord to the brain which then decides the best chemical to release, which depends on the severity of the pain. With mild pain, the brain releases a chemical called glutamate, while stronger pain will see the brain releasing both glutamate and substance P. The brain and the somatosensory cortex decide upon the appropriate reaction based upon past painful experiences and built-in instinctive responses.

The brain and chronic pain

While our brain’s reactions to pain are extremely useful most of the time, it can also cause some hugely painful and debilitating conditions that can be difficult to treat. Chronic pain is when a person feels recurring pain over a period of three months or more, with the pain fluctuating in severity but always persisting.

Some typical examples of chronic pain include: wrist pain, knee pain, and post-operation pain. This last one is a great example of how the brain causes chronic pain. You’ve been suffering from persistent wrist pain for several months and eventually have an operation to deal with this, yet a few weeks later and you are still feeling the same painful sensation. This is due to the body adjusting to the prolonged pain signals, a condition medical professionals have labelled as central sensitisation.

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