Frequently Asked Questions

The Super-Quartz within the silicone bracelet and band absorbs energy. Through this action the special quartz in your device can absorb pain impulses going to the brain.

The Super-Quartz powders within your QTech device are not like any other quartz powders. First, they come from crystals that are 99.5% pure white quartz. Second, their structure is ‘shocked’ as the original quartz crystals – millions of years earlier – absorbed large quantities of ‘shock waves’ that were released when a meteorite crashed into Earth in Canada. Shocked quartz contains millions of holes and traps in its lattice structure and thus has ‘missing’ electrons. This explains why QTECH’s Super-Quartz powders ‘love’ to absorb outside pressures and pain impulses.

The Super-Quartz in your device naturally absorbs external pressures and forces such as electrical pulses (pain is transmitted through the nervous system via tiny electrical pulses). This was proven as early as 1880 by Pierre and Jacques Curie, who called this absorption of external forces and electricity and the subsequent release of piezo electrons ‘The Piezoelectric Effect’.
Super-Quartz and normal quartz differ in that Super-Quartz is shocked quartz whereas normal quartz is not. We have not seen any evidence that normal quartz works.

Ample evidence is available that shocked quartz is laden with much higher internal energies than normal quartz. This enables Super-Quartz® to be a much more effective absorber of pain impulses than any other type of quartz. This proof has been shown to be true in tests with over 150 subjects. Additionally, the evidence that shocked quartz has different properties to “normal quartz”was published by the inventor as early as 1970 in ‘The Mineralogist’, the leading Mineralogy Scientific Journal.

We have not seen any evidence that these products actually work.
Piezo-electric machines are thought to work by transmitting energy into the body to block pain impulses by a variety of mechanisms. QTECH’s Quantum Bioscience Technology is based on absorbing pain impulses.
Magnet based devices have been used for many years and work for some people, although controlled trials have shown little difference from placebo. They are thought to work by somehow rebalancing magnetic fields in the body. QTECH is designed to absorb pain impulses, ie a completely different action.
The meteoritic crater that crashed to earth creating shocked quartz is located in Canada. The exact location is confidential.
The powders created from the Super-Quartz™ used in QTECH devices are the intellectual property of our business partners in Switzerland. The powders can be shown on request, but they cannot leave the NOVA premises.
The QTECH devices are made by combining (embedding) silicone resin with the Super-Quartz™ powders, allowing the mix to cure and then cutting it to size.
The active part of the device, the Super-Quartz™ powders within the silicone strips, are the same on every occasion. There is no difference in the pain-related activity of different batches. The Super-Quartz™ powders all come from the same location in Canada.
The answer is no. We know that because QTECH devices, when placed next to a pico-amperemeter sensor, show no radiations whatsoever, including electrical impulses.
There is enough to maintain production for the next 200 years. The total amount available is confidential.
Super-Quartz™ powder is mixed in appropriate quantities with silicone to match the size of the bracelet or band. The exact amount used in each device is commercially protected.
With normal use the SuperQuartz should remain active for many years. The silicone could wear out or break from wear and tear or rough treatment after some years.
Theoretically yes, but it would require enormous machines and vast financial resources to produce the shock waves needed to deform the crystal lattice structure of normal quartz crystals. Super-Quartz in its current form has a hardness of around 8 on the Mohs scale. 10 is the highest level and is associated to diamond. It would take at least as much money and energy to make Super-Quartz™ as it would to make synthetic diamond.
There is a current patent pending at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Pain is itself subjective. Pain scales were used by which current users recorded their pain scores prior to and post use of a device. It was observed in over 150 people that in 9 out of 10 (90%) of cases the pain rapidly subsided or went away. The difference between use of a placebo compared with a QTECH device was highly significant.
The first tests with users in mainland Europe produced very good results. Nova Medical Solutions was initially sceptical but on trying it on subjects in the UK saw that it matched the original results from mainland Europe and negotiated a deal to take on the QTECH product.
A placebo comparison test between QTECH and dummy devices with a range of subjects clearly demonstrated that the benefits experienced by users were not due to a placebo effect.
The inventor started publishing papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals as early as 1967. Laboratory tests were also commissioned by the National Research Council of Canada and sponsored by NASA. Five patents related to vibration absorption have also been obtained including a WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) patent. A summary of the test results of users of QTECH devices will be available on the QTECH website.
Yes, they will be available in summary form on the QTECH website.
This is because currently we have no experience in children and pregnancy and it is therefore standard professional practise to state these exclusions.

Yes you can. Originally the bands had magnetic clasps so it wasn’t advised however, we have now removed the magnetic clasps altogether. The chairman of the company has a daughter with a pacemaker who wears her QTECH band daily without any issue. It is safe to wear.

We do not at this time recommend QTECH devices for animals. QTECH devices are not currently registered for animal use.
Currently we do not have any experience of use of QTECH devices for bone pain due to cancer. You need to consult your doctor.
We do not recommend QTECH for any pains other than musculoskeletal pain. At present there are devices suitable for elbow and wrist pain, but expect to have devices for back, knee, ankle, shoulder and neck available soon.
9 out of 10 users of QTECH experience a reduction in pain, some within a short period of time others over a few days. Make sure you are placing the device close to the source of the pain and between that source of pain and your brain. The device should not be worn tightly but should be in contact with the skin. Refer to the product leaflet for more advice on use and care. Do continue use of the device as suits you and your lifestyle.
QTECH is not a treatment. QTECH devices help to alleviate pain from joint and muscle problems and conditions. 9 out of 10 users in current tests with a variety of conditions have experienced a marked reduction in pain.
QTECH can help reduce pain due to a variety causes such as arthritis. 9 out of 10 users in completed tests with a variety of conditions including arthritis have experienced a marked reduction in pain.
No side effects of QTECH have been reported by the estimated 200+ subjects who have used the device so far to alleviate the musculoskeletal pain they experience.
9 out of 10 users in completed tests with a variety of conditions have experienced a marked reduction in pain.
No but do not expose your device to naked flame or heat as this will damage the device.
No, you do not need to wear your device all the time. Many users of QTECH experience long-lasting pain relief having removed the device. Others wear it most of the time for the purpose of preventing the return of pain. Some wear the device during sleep and playing sport. Choose use of the device that best suits your lifestyle and its effectiveness for you.
The use of a QTECH device should not interfere with medications. Consult your doctor/family physician if you have any concerns.
We do not have any experience of this but suggest yiu do not use a QTECH device and Smart watch etc close together
It is advisable not to wear QTECH devices when swimming for practical reasons such as it may get lost or interfere with your activity. Follow the care instructions that arrived with your device. Dry it thoroughly if it does get wet; wash regularly in warm soapy water. Use the pouch and box to store it in when not in use and keep away from extreme heat and cold.
If you have allergy to any of the main materials in QTECH – silicone in the band or silver plate on the clasp – it is advisable not to use the device. If irritation rather than an allergic reaction occurs, a light cotton or muslin cloth can be wrapped around the wrist or elbow in advance of wearing those devices where the silicone is in contact with the skin. To date we have seen no allergic reactions to the device.
QTECH is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the UK’s MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency).
QTECH is not currently being explained or promoted to doctors or other healthcare professionals. However, a number of doctors are in the 200+ current users who have successfully used it on themselves. Once the planned clinical trials are completed, results will be published in appropriate peer-reviewed journals and promoted to doctors and healthcare professionals.
QTECH is not a treatment but 9 out of 10 users using QTECH experience a reduction in pain. Whilst it is not necessary to inform your family physician there is no harm in mentioning it when you see them, particularly if you are attending consultations for an underlying condition.
Delivery is normally 5 days in UK and Europe and up to 14 days globally
Yes, the device can be sold in the EU and Switzerland although delivery could take longer. Delivery to countries outside EU is subject to import customs clearance.
Your device is guaranteed for three years against breakage of the silicone or any other components. Please keep original receipts and a replacement device will be sent free of charge.

Please note the QTECH devices are made from natural materials and the appearance of the silicone strips in the devices may vary in colour and smoothness.

Currently such an arrangement is not in place. We will be working on potential arrangements with charities with an interest in combating pain.