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QTECH Science: Disruptive new technology that is designed to naturally absorb pain using ‘Super-Quartz’ to help people against chronic pain

The pain of musculoskeletal origin is a very common complaint, which impairs the quality of life and causes the loss of many working days each year. The precise cause of such persistent pain is often unknown, and the results obtained by drugs and physical methods are variable.

Statistics have shown that almost 10 million people in the UK suffer pain daily which results in a major impact on their quality of life and the inability to work normally for days. Researches have also revealed that chronic pain affects more than two-fifths of the UK population or around 28 million adults in the UK are living with pain that has lasted for three months or longer. A discovery that 43% of the population have experienced chronic pain, in which 14.3% are living with chronic pain that is either moderately or severely disabling.

To help people to end their battle against chronic pain, NOVA Medical Solutions developed a disruptive new technology that is designed to naturally absorb pain using ‘Super-Quartz’ into a form of bracelet and band in which when worn it inhibits pain signals going to the brain. To achieve this, finely divided shocked quartz was suspended in a flexible silicone resin to be applied to the body between the site of pain and the brain and preferably very close to the source of pain. The quartz employed in QTECH® devices has been found to have a high amount of activation energy as a result of being close to the site of an ancient meteorite strike. It is thought that the ability of the shocked quartz to absorb energy might enable it to interrupt some of the pain signals reaching the brain.

115 adults with persistent pain of mainly musculoskeletal origin requested to try a device. These included people with back pain, knee and thigh pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, and headache. Every user reported a reduction in pain within minutes or hours of wearing the device. 40 adult volunteer users also showed pain reduction and within 2 days of wearing the QTECH® device, the pain was completely eliminated and no side effects were reported.

In another conducted study, 21 adults with pain from a variety of causes worn the QTECH® device close to the area of pain. 19 of the 21 cases reported rapid reduction or disappearance of pain within 20 minutes to 7 days, with the onset of action sometimes being within a few minutes.

23 adults with persistent pain that originates from the musculoskeletal reported total disappearance of their pain within a few days of wearing the QTECH® device. On stopping use because of loss or breakage, the pain returned in every case. On receiving a placebo device of identical appearance, 20 reported no effect on pain while 3 claimed reduction of their pain. When the 20 placebo non-responders then received an active device, in every case, the pain totally disappeared within a few days.

Pain is subjective. Pain scales were used by which current users recorded their pain scores prior to and post use of a device. It was observed in over 150 people that in 9 out of 10 (90%) of cases the pain rapidly subsided or went away. The difference between the use of a placebo compared with a QTECH® device was highly significant. No side effects of QTECH® have been reported by the estimated 200+ subjects who have used the device so far to alleviate the musculoskeletal pain they experience.

The QTECH® device is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the UK’s MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency). It is a 200 million-year-old unique quartz that is hand-made and made in the UK. 90% of users reported successful relief of pain.

Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love. LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE.

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No, it’s not like a superhero story where a meteorite crashes on earth and you suddenly develop superpowers. It may even seem as fantastical a story as that. But this one is grounded in truth, science, and the reason why so many people just like you are getting long-lasting pain relief.

Over 100 million years ago, a meteorite strike hit a remote area in Quebec, Canada.  But, it was only in 1969 that Canadian sub-atomic physicists, John-William Manconi, discovered that the quartz in this specific place was special. The meteorite released large quantities of high energy shock waves and it was these shock waves that dislocated the quartz’s lattice structures, which is why we call it ‘quantum-quartz’  shocked. You see, having been impacted by the meteorite strike, it seems this quartz was 100 times more effective at absorbing energy than regular quartz.

So, since crystals were known to help with pain relief, Manconi decided to test it. He wanted to know if this super-quartz could absorb pain waves better than other treatments. The result? It could, and it did.

He embedded the quartz into flexible silicone for necklaces, bracelets, and patches. This made it easier to wear. Even better, the people he got to wear them all reported rapid reduction in chronic pain.

Then our own Chairman, Dr Michael Flynn, met Manconi. Flynn was pleasantly surprised when the quartz relieved the arthritis pain in his own wrist. And the rest is history. QTECH® was born to help even more people experience this remarkable breakthrough in living a pain-free life.