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QTECH® Rotate Wrist/Ankle Band

QTECH® Rotate Wrist/Ankle Band

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QTECH® Flex Neck Band

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I have had knee pain now since an operation on it 18 months ago. I have bought many, many pain relief ‘solutions’, ALL to no avail! Your QTECH knee relief’ cost put me off at first but I bought one and received it three days ago. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! As soon as I put it on my pain ‘disappeared’. The other night I took it off to sleep. I awoke with a little pain. The discomfort was nothing to what I usually get. The pain went as soon as I replaced the knee band. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Thank you very, very much!

Malcolm, 69

I have suffered various sports injuries over the years and have problems from arthritis and cartilage problems. These injuries were further compounded by my having a car accident. I began to suffer severe pain in my right leg which made it, from time to time, difficult to sleep. I received a QTECH band and one evening, before going to bed I placed the device above my knee joint. To my delight, I slept and awoke the next morning without pain. I am very happy to be using the device as I no longer have to use drugs to give me relief. I still use the band from time to time when I have discomfort and it gives me relief.


I didn’t believe the claims of the product, money back if not satisfied in 30 days, so I purchased expecting to return within 30days, no chance, I have had to admit I was wrong, that hurt, I wear it at night the time when I get the pain, its a funny feeling, I still get the tight feeling in the head but NO PAIN. Am I sending it back, NO NO NO!

Stuart Pullen

At 70 years and suffering arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain is a constant with myself which sadly assorted pharmaceuticals cannot overcome. Particular concern was the constant pain in left shoulder as this would be so severe as to repeatedly wake me during the night and then keep me awake for long periods. Applying one of your patches on my tricep just below the joint has resulted in disappearance of the pain and removal of that as a cause for me waking. Wearing a rotate band on my wrist and Flex necklace has also helped minimise pain and discomfort from neck and shoulder area and hand. I was originally sceptical but am convinced these QTECH products have significantly improved my quality of life, for which I thank you.

Roger Richards

An incredible and immediate impact – getting me back on court within minutes after suffering with tennis elbow. Within 10 minutes the pain had changed – it became a dull ache rather than a stabbing pain. I played the match – I didn’t win but certainly played better. After an hour the pain had disappeared. Added the fun back into tennis and took away the pain. The product is easy to use and wear and I after recommending it my wife is now also wearing a QTECH Swing Band.


My consistent wrist pain was stopping me from playing tennis, lifting heavy items and gave me a disturbed sleep. The pain has been persistent for years and was only getting worse. The QTECH Rotate band has allowed me to enjoy playing tennis and everyday activities again. The band has been remarkable. It changed my experience from sceptical to very interested. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers with wrist pain.


Another miracle cure – at three this afternoon I could hardly bend my thumb it was so painful from gardening, with a little adaption of the QTech it’s now 1am and there’s no pain at all, happily going off to bed.


Despite seeing a specialist, resting the leg and stretching the pain was recurrent. On hearing of QTECH I jumped at the opportunity to try a simple and non-invasive solution.I used a QTECH Rotate Band, which I put around my ankle in the evenings. Much to my surprise, and after a few days the pain receded. It did not heal the Achilles, but it allowed me to be pain free, from something that had tormented me for some time.

Mo, 44 years
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QTECH® Natural Pain Relief Products

90% of users reported successful relief of pain

QTECH® products are designed to help relieve pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, muscle strain, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines and more. Let us help you prevent persistent pain from wreaking havoc with your life.


Our Class 1 medical devices help relieve pain in as little as minutes* thanks to its piezoelectric embedded bands and patches.


There’s no needles, no medication, no sprays, no batteries.

Just secure the patch, neck band or wrist / ankle band and that’s it, you’re ready to go.


Unlike other forms of pain relief, QTECH products are designed to be reused again and again. And again. Easy to clean and care for, this is a small investment for long-term pain relief.

*For best results, wear QTECH for at least 48 hours to determine full pain relief effects.


QTECH products are proudly made in the UK

As seen in SAGA Magazine, Daily Mail, Choice Magazine, Leisure Kicks, Silver Surfers & Women’s Institute 

QTECH can help relieve pain associated with:

  • Osteo-arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Muscle strain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tension headaches & migraines
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Other musculoskeletal pain


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