Say Goodbye to Pain…
And Hello to Freedom.

How good would you feel if you could say bye to pills, gels, injections, sprays, or even surgery for your chronic pain? When you could go back to enjoying all the things that made life fun?

That’s what QTECH® brings to your life – the freedom to live pain-free without the numbing side effects.

QTECH® products are stylish devices designed for your active lifestyle, and most importantly, to help relieve persistent pain. Try it for 30 days, and if you aren’t feeling the benefit, then send it back for a full refund.

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Each product is handmade with care and attention in Yorkshire, Britain

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90% of users reported successful relief of pain


The only quartz technology that activates energy for pain relief

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Say yes to life as you rediscover being active again

Don’t let the frustrations of wrist or elbow pains ruin your life. Instead, experience the joy of pain-free movement through our QTECH® Quantum Bioscience Technology. Handmade in Britain, QTECH® is tested to help deliver relief at the site of your pain. So, resuming your active lifestyle is just a wrist or elbow band away.

QTECH® Pain Relief Bands

QTECH® helps to deliver the ultimate targeted pain relief. Let us help you prevent persistent pain from wreaking havoc with your life.

Unlike regular magnetic therapy bracelets, we designed QTECH® bands for your active lifestyle. No need to worry about damage or inability to relieve pain. With our proprietary Super-Quartz embedded bands, you’re on the way to pain relief in as little as hours.

The QTECH® bands contain a silicone strip embedded with a rare type of super-quartz. This is designed to absorb the energies produced by your pain impulses, disrupting the signals from reaching your brain. It’s very much unlike other reactive therapies where you act after you start feeling pain. Quantum Bands helps prevent you from feeling pain without any side-effects.

Take advantage of this “off-switch” for your chronic pain. It’s as simple as slipping on a band. So, choose the road to a pain-free and active lifestyle with QTECH® Bands.

QTECH® Products

QTECH Rotate Wrist Band

QTECH® Rotate Wrist Band


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QTECH Swing Elbow Band

QTECH® Swing Elbow Band


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Maximise your day to day performance

QTECH® will help you to have a pain free, good nights sleep so you are rested and energised the following day to execute your highest potential.

Gain control of your pain relief

Get back to doing the things you love like gardening, playing tennis or even cooking, pain free.



No, it’s not like a superhero story where a meteorite crashes on earth and you suddenly develop superpowers. It may even seem as fantastical a story as that. But this one is grounded in truth, science, and the reason why so many people just like you are getting long-lasting pain relief.

Over 100 million years ago, a meteorite strike hit a remote area in Quebec, Canada.  But, it was only in 1969 that Canadian sub-atomic physicists, John-William Manconi, discovered that the quartz in this specific place was special. The meteorite released large quantities of high energy shock waves and it was these shock waves that dislocated the quartz’s lattice structures, which is why we call it ‘quantum-quartz’  shocked. You see, having been impacted by the meteorite strike, it seems this quartz was 100 times more effective at absorbing energy than regular quartz.

So, since crystals were known to help with pain relief, Manconi decided to test it. He wanted to know if this super-quartz could absorb pain waves better than other treatments. The result? It could, and it did.

He embedded the quartz into flexible silicone for necklaces, bracelets, and patches. This made it easier to wear. Even better, the people he got to wear them all reported rapid reduction in chronic pain.

Then our own Chairman, Dr Michael Flynn, met Manconi. Flynn was pleasantly surprised when the quartz relieved the arthritis pain in his own wrist. And the rest is history. QTECH® was born to help even more people experience this remarkable breakthrough in living a pain-free life.

They Aren’t Making Pain Ruin Their Lives
and Neither Should YOU

When body pain becomes almost unbearable, life loses a lot of its appeal. But, like the many people across the UK, you too can say goodbye to pain. No more frustrations from golfer’s wrist and tennis elbow. Just real relief from persistent pain.

With QTECH® Quantum Bioscience Technology, you have the off-switch button waiting to deliver relief.

But don’t take only our word for it. Listen to these stories from our customers who have experienced true pain relief the QTECH® way.

What People Are Saying

After only 24 hours I noticed a significant reduction in pain in my wrist and I noticed my fingers were’nt hurting after a hard days coffee roasting, I was amazed…

Gerald Fitzgerald



I decided to trial the band because I was in so much pain which hindered my daily life. I would recommend other people trying this band as an alternative to taking tablets…




Since wearing QTECH products the sensation of pain has definitely been reduced, the wrist band is permanently on show and no-one comments on what it is…




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As Seen In The Daily Mail

Suffer from persistent pain? The answer to your problems might just be a BRACELET made from quartz (yes, really!)

  • Around 28 million adults are living with chronic pain in the UK
  • QTECH bracelets & bands are pioneering new products which use special quartz crystals to absorb some of the electrical pulses of pain sent to the brain
  • Of those in the UK who tried QTECH, 9 out of 10 reported a big reduction in their pain levels, noticeable within 20 minutes to seven days
  • We spoke to two sufferers who tried the bracelets – to remarkable effect!
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Daily Mail QTECH


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